The main frame is divided into 3 parts :
- the menu, the toolbar and tabs.

In the toolbar, you will find theses buttons :


They are used to :
- select the network interface on which you want to listen,
- start a capture,
- continue a capture,
- stop a capture,
- restart a capture,
- exit Ethergrouik.

(It looks like the best network capture tool : Wireshark ;-)

First of all, you will need to select a network interface. To do so, click on the first button in order to reach the interface selection window.

In this window, you will find a combobox and a checkbox. The combobox will show you each interface that has been identified by Winpcap and the checkbox configures the interface in promiscuous mode.
Make your selection and click on the Close button

Now you are ready to launch a capture but you should still read the next part.